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Policy & Strategy Architects

Executive Management Services, Regulatory Compliance, Policy and Industry Solutions, and Business Intelligence Consultants

We specialize in complex policy and strategy problems that require evidence-based analysis and multi-party solutions.

Banking and Finance

Product Innovation Services

We perform holistic assessments of economic problems to help clients identify areas of opportunity to introduce new products that solve structural hardships besetting ordinary people.

We specialize in creating comprehensive combinations of disparate systems and entities that become game changers to make people’s lives better.

Compliance Consulting

We specialize in safety and soundness consulting for financial institutions assessing exposure to systemic risks.

We also specialize in consulting financial institutions, and their NGO partners, looking to innovate ways to improve CRA compliance.

Public Policy

We support governments and private industry making comprehensive assessments of policy and strategy options to deal with complex global stability and competitiveness issues.

Business Intelligence

We create a full range of helpful content ranging from drafting legislation, responses to rule making, analytical presentations, general public messaging, and social media influencing.

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